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The amazing speakers at DevXcon 2018.

DevXcon: developer experience, developer relations and developer marketing. 4th and 5th June 2018, Dogpatch Studios, San Francisco.

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Join us at DevXcon to share and learn how the most successful developer-targeted companies build APIs, tools and infrastructure that developers love to use.

This year we're focusing on how developer experience and product management come together, what DX can learn from UX and the usual themes of developer relations, developer marketing and more.

Come together with expert practitioners from across the world to join the conversation about developer experience, developer relations, developer marketing and community.

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Day 1: June 4th

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Photograph of Tamao Nakahara
Photograph of Matthew Revell
Photograph of Phil Leggetter


Tamao Nakahara, Matthew Revell, Phil Leggetter

Photograph of Jono Bacon

Building effective community leaders: a guide

Jono Bacon, Jono Bacon Consulting

Photograph of Mano Marks

Who do you work for?

Mano Marks, Docker


Discussion / Networking



Photograph of Erin McKean

User research for dev rel: asking the right questions

Erin McKean, IBM


DevXcon reception

Sponsored by Algolia

Day 2: June 5th
GitHub Room (first floor)

Registration opens

Photograph of Tamao Nakahara
Photograph of Matthew Revell
Photograph of Phil Leggetter


Tamao Nakahara, Matthew Revell, Phil Leggetter

Photograph of Peter Merholz

Addressing user emotional needs and where DX fits in

Peter Merholz, Snagajob

Photograph of Bear Douglas

Connecting dev rel and product

Bear Douglas, Slack


Discussion / Networking



GitHub Room (first floor) Nexmo Room (third floor)
Theme: Contributor experience Theme: APIs, SDKs and docs
Photograph of Jade Wang

Building teams, goodwill, and awareness through open source engagement

Jade Wang, Cloudflare

Photograph of Romain Huet

Building the next developer experience

Romain Huet, Stripe

5 minutes to switch rooms

Photograph of Elizabeth K Joseph
Photograph of Judith Malnick

Debian to DC/OS: factors that shape open source communities

Elizabeth K Joseph and Judith Malnick, Mesosphere

Photograph of Nahid Samsami
Photograph of Jeff Dickey

Designing a delightful CLI

Nahid Samsami and Jeff Dickey, Heroku

5 minutes to switch rooms

Photograph of Ryan Jarvinen

Kubernetes contributor experience

Ryan Jarvinen, Red Hat

Photograph of Taylor Barnett

Going to infinity and beyond documentation with OpenAPI

Taylor Barnett, Stoplight

5 minutes to switch rooms

Photograph of Chris Neugebauer

Making sponsorship work for new developer conferences

Chris Neugebauer of North Bay Python

Photograph of Shayne Parmelee

API go-to-market

Shayne Parmelee, Shopify

12:10 - Lunch
GitHub Room (first floor)
Photograph of Claire Giordano

Before vs after: redesigning a website to be useful and informative for developers

Claire Giordano, Citus Data

Photograph of JJ Kass

Who are your developers and how to (re)engage them

JJ Kass, Dropbox

Photograph of Alex Salazar
Photograph of Randall Degges

Dev Advocacy FTW!

Alex Salazar & Randall Degges, Okta


Discussion / Networking



GitHub Room (first floor) Nexmo Room (third floor)
Theme: Product, DX and UX Theme: Developer relations and marketing
Photograph of Tao Dong

How to apply UX principles and methods to API usability

Tao Dong, Google

Photograph of Brian Proffitt

Media 101 for community

Brian Proffitt, Red Hat

5 minutes to switch rooms

Photograph of Oana Mangiurea

Design approaches for developer experience

Oana Mangiurea, Ownzones Media Network

Photograph of Jarred Kenealy

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

Jarred Kenealy, Intuit

5 minutes to switch rooms

Photograph of Sam Machin

Developers: customer or partner?

Sam Machin, Nexmo

Photograph of Leslie Hawthorn
Photograph of Laura Czajkowski

Open source events and business strategy

Leslie Hawthorn of Red Hat and Laura Czajkowski of Couchbase

5 minutes to switch rooms

Photograph of Melissa Powerl

Why developer relations should care about design

Melissa Powel, Google

Photograph of Brian Douglas

Activating developers to drive your advocacy programs

Brian Douglas, GitHub



GitHub Room (first floor)
Photograph of Peter Cooper

Writing newsletters and sharing content that developers will enjoy

Peter Cooper, Cooper Press

Photograph of Chloe Condon

Let me entertain you: how theatre influenced building a developer community

Chloe Condon, Sentry.io

Photograph of Baruch Sadogursky

DevRelRad.io: how to produce a popular, efficient and interesting podcast

Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog

Photograph of Tamao Nakahara

Pros and cons of exec-driven DX

Tamao Nakahara, Weaveworks

Photograph of Matt Asay

Developer secrets your customers want to tell you ... if only you’ll listen

Matt Asay, Adobe


Wrap-up and goodbye


Unofficial after-party (location to be announced at the event)


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Developer relations and developer experience training

Join us on June 6th in San Francisco (venue TBA) for a day's training covering developer relations strategy and developer experience best practices. Choose two of four modules to complete throughout the day.

Matthew Revell

Matthew Revell


Cristiano Betta

Cristiano Betta


Morning track 1 Morning track 2

Developer relations and community strategy, with Matthew Revell

Effective developer relations strategies don't come out of nowhere. In this session, you'll learn how to get the best return on investment by building a well thought out strategy. Starting with segmenting your developer audience through to choosing the right goals and tactics.

Event strategy for developer relations, with Cristiano Betta

Conferences, meet-ups, office hours and other events are a highly visible form of outreach. But they can be a time and budget sink. Here we’ll look at how to do them well.

Lunch provided

After lunch track 1 After lunch track 2

Developer content marketing, with Matthew Revell

Content marketing can be a cost-effective and exciting way to build awareness and understanding amongst developers. In this session we'll look at how to build the right strategy and which tactics will deliver for your goals.

Developing a developer experience strategy, with Cristiano Betta

Developer experience is important, but how do we even start to create the right experience for every developer. Here we’ll look at the developer journey and how we can cater our product and its documentation around the needs of any developer.

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Dogpatch Studios, 991 Tennessee St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA.


The people behind DevXcon San Francisco.

Matthew Revell

Matthew Revell


Tamao Nakahara

Tamao Nakahara


Phil Leggetter

Phil Leggetter


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