Brian Douglas speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Brian Douglas

Developer Advocate | GitHub

Brian Douglas

Brian Douglas is a Developer Advocate at GitHub where he works on increasing use of the GitHub API by iterating on the onboarding process and helping users with evergreen technical content.

In the past he’s led Developer Advocacy at Netlify, where he built a deep well of technical content, spearheaded efforts towards a public GraphQL API, and delivered over 40 talks and workshops across the US.


Activating developers to drive your advocacy programs

Developer advocacy is a strategic approach to marketing within technical companies, but in my experience, a Developer Advocate role is constantly questioned on the effectiveness. The question can easily be answered by laying out a path for developers to not only engage within your platform or product but eventually start advocating and being the force multipliers that drives your overall advocacy program. I will cover how GitHub has empowered a subset of our user base to become advocates for our platform and product and share actual success we have seen from this effort.


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