Brian Proffitt speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Brian Proffitt

Principal Community Analyst | Red Hat

Brian Proffitt

Brian Proffitt is the Principal Community Analyst for Open Source and Standards team at Red Hat, responsible for community metrics, onboarding, and support.

A former technology journalist, Brian is also a graduate lecturer at the University of Notre Dame.


Media 101 for communities

In a world of constant news cycles, getting the word out about your project seems nearly impossible. You've got a web site, a Twitter and a Diaspora account, and still it seems like no one is showing up at your virtual doorstop. But there is one old-school toolset at your disposal that can help you and your project be recognized for the awesome you know it to be: the media.

There's a whole industry of people out there who are looking for stories to tell about the new and the innovative. You just have to know how to cultivate relationships and tell your stories in a way that will make your project interesting to more people. Brian Proffitt, a journalist and editor with over a quarter century of experience, will walk you through techniques to get your story out, including crafting a press release, targeting media outlets, and building trustworthy relationships with journalists (yes, it can be done).


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