Chris Neugebauer speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Chris Neugebauer

Organizer | North Bay Python

Chris Neugebauer

Christopher is an Australian Python developer, speaker, and serial conference organizer.

He has years of experience running volunteer-led conferences, starting with PyCon Australia, then as director of 2017. Currently he leads North Bay Python, a single-track community Python conference run out of a live music venue in Petaluma, California, where he now lives. Christopher is an advocate within the Australian and International Python communities, is on the steering committee for PyCon Australia, serves on the Python Software Foundation's Grants Working Group, is a past board member of Linux Australia, and has been a fellow of the Python Software Foundation since 2013.


Making sponsorship work for new developer conferences

Building a new volunteer-led conference is a challenge. You need to figure out unfamiliar venues, build a relationship with your community, and start relationships with new sponsors.

Showing value to sponsors can be a challenge when you're small. Things that work with established, or high-budget events don't always work with small events. Hosting receptions, staffing expo halls, and filling swag bags can draw away limited volunteer resources, and make it harder to produce a quality event for our audience of developers.

At North Bay Python, we've been working on building a sponsorship model where sponsors contribute directly to line items that we already have on our budget. Instead of building on extras, like parties, receptions, or swag, we help sponsors identify parts of our conference that can help reinforce their brand or build up their relationship with the community.

We're going to share with you how our model works, and help you learn ways that you can help build sponsor relationships that can make new events flourish.


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