Claire Giordano speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Claire Giordano

VP of Marketing | Citus Data

Claire Giordano

Claire Giordano is VP of Marketing at Citus Data, where she leads the team to raise awareness about the worry-free Postgres database that is Citus.

Before Citus, Claire served in leadership roles in engineering, product management, and marketing at Sun Microsystems, Quantum, and A9, an Amazon company. At Sun, Claire managed the engineering team that created Zones, and led the effort to open source Solaris. Claire’s career in tech started in Providence, where she earned an Sc.B. in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science from Brown University. Which explains why Claire is a New Englander at heart.


Before vs after: redesigning a website to be useful and informative for developers

There are so many fun challenges in creating a useful website for a developer audience today: you’ve got to empathize with your audience, nail the voice, understand the “jobs” your site’s visitors are trying to accomplish, make sure you anticipate (and answer!) the questions people are likely to have. In this quick lightning talk, I’ll share some before vs. after pics of a recent Citus Data site redesign—and will share some of the best practices we used, based on my years as a developer, software engineering manager, product manager, and now, as a marketer.


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