Jade Wang speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Jade Wang

Head of Developer Relations | Cloudflare

Jade Wang

Jade Wang is Head of Developer Relations at Cloudflare.

Previously, she co-founded Sandstorm.io, and was employee #5 at Meteor. Her Ph.D. is in neuroscience, and she conducted her post doctoral research at NASA Ames Research Center. In a past life, she's a classically trained musician, and in her spare time, she dabbles with hardware hacking.


Building teams, goodwill, and awareness through open source engagement

Engaging with the open source community is beneficial to software companies, whether or not the company's core product follows an open source business model. Jade will share her experiences with the relationship between open source engagement and recruiting, the advantages and caveats of hiring from your open source community, and the advantages of supporting the open source community in other ways (such as giving free product or free upgrades to open source projects). The developer relations / developer experience teams at many companies are well-positioned to engage with the community in a high leverage way to build thought leadership, build goodwill, and create general outreach.


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