Jarred Kenealy speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Jarred Kenealy

Director of Developer Relations | Intuit

Jarred Kenealy

Jarred is the Director of Developer Relations at Intuit.

He has extensive experience in developer relations, developer marketing and developer tools. Jarred combines this with ecosystem & product management experience.


Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary: making QuickBooks a platform of choice for developers

While accounting is a crucial part of any small business’ backbone, it may not always be the most exciting task. This presents a unique challenge for Intuit QuickBooks, because in spite of this, Intuit continues to attract thousands of developers to build apps for QuickBooks. So how do they do it?

In this session, Intuit’s Director of Developer Relations Jarred Keneally will explain how Intuit attracts over 25,000 developers to build almost 6,500 apps for QuickBooks, making Intuit the platform of choice for developers building small business apps. This includes maintaining relationships with developers all around the world, finding unique ways to attract and sustain developers through competitions like Intuit’s Small Business App Showdown, and touting the huge market opportunity that small business apps represent. Attend this session to receive tangible tips and tricks for marketing your platform as the hidden gem that it is.


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