JJ Kass speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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JJ Kass

Head of Developer Programs | Dropbox

JJ Kass

JJ Kass is the Head of Developer Programs at Dropbox, focused on helping developers build powerful integrations that connect their products with Dropbox’s 500 million registered users and 300,000 Dropbox Business teams.

JJ is responsible for the end to end experience of Dropbox’s more than 500,000 developers, including enablement, education, communication, and community. Since joining Dropbox in 2013, JJ has worked on many teams and projects, including revenue productivity, enterprise strategy, user operations, and product.


Who are your developers and how to (re)engage them

As Dropbox expands beyond file storage to team collaboration and productivity, the connected ecosystem of apps on the DBX Platform and the developers who create them have become increasingly important to the overall company strategy. The Dropbox team recently went on an exploration to learn more about who it's 500k+ developers are, what they are building, and what they care about.

JJ will discuss the state of the current project since its inception a year ago, and the goals of the new Developer Programs and Experience team at Dropbox. She will cover key concerns and metrics such as:

How did they identify and calculate the opportunity to invest in the ecosystem? Why build a Developer Programs and Experience team now?
What have they learned about their developer community? What analytics did they look at?
What are the benefits of having built such a large community of developers since the first Dropbox API was released over 10 years ago?
What were initial strategies and tactics to get started? What worked and didn't? What were some key wins?
What is the team focused on now and how are they measuring success?


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