Judith Malnick speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Judith Malnick

Community Manager | Mesosphere

Judith Malnick

Judith is an open source community manager who enjoys navigating the interfaces between technology, community, and business.

In former lives, she has been a nuclear reactor operator and a scientific S.C.U.B.A. diver. She still enjoys diving and would still enjoy reactor operation, but you aren’t allowed to do that recreationally.


Debian to DC/OS: factors that shape open source communities

Different types of open source projects attract different types of open source communities. Successful communities can be tightly-knit or easy to join, highly technical or simple to contribute to, wildly popular or low key, or anywhere in between. What your community looks like will depend on several project attributes.

In this talk, Elizabeth K. Joseph and Judith Malnick will compare the architectures, user bases, and governance histories of various open source projects to understand how each factor impacts the type of community a project attracts and sustains. Elizabeth will discuss her extensive work on Debian, Ubuntu, and OpenStack, and Judith will discuss DC/OS and Mesos. Other popular open source projects will also be included for comparison.


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