Melissa Powel speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Melissa Powel

Global Program Manager Experts Program, UX/UI | Google

Melissa Powel

Melissa is responsible for design outreach within the Google Developers Experts Program, an external community of over 450 design and software developer experts.

As a certified Google Sprint Master and trainer of Google’s Sprint Master Academy, she runs design sprints and design thinking workshops to help teams remove interpersonal challenges that create barriers to effective product design. She also led Google’s involvement in World Usability Day in 2017 and has been a design advocate both inside and outside of the company since joining DevRel.


Why developer relations should care about design

Why would a team called ‘Developer Relations’ need to care about design? Melissa gets asked this question enough that she's started to open conversations with it. The mindset that a designer's role is to 'make things pretty' can have a crippling effect on products and the teams that build them. It is the designer's role and the role of developer relations to empower all product creators––developers and designers––to understand the shared responsibility they have to solve real problems and create incredible user experiences. Because at the end of the day, that is a big part of what design is meant to do.

Join Melissa to explore the signs and symptoms of designaphobia and how to treat it.


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