Randall Degges speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Randall Degges

Chief Hacker | Okta

Randall Degges

Degges leads Developer Advocacy at Okta, previously Stormpath, where he builds open source security libraries and helps make the internet a little safer. In a prior life, Randall was the CTO of OpenCNAM, the largest Caller ID API service.

In his free time, Randall geeks out on web best practices, explores new technologies, and spends an inordinate amount of time writing Python, Node, and Go projects. As a fun fact, Randall runs ipify.org, one of the largest IP lookup APIs which serves over 30 billion requests per month.


Dev Advocacy FTW! - Advocates Influencing Product, Business Strategy, and Marketing

Stormpath, the company behind an authentication and user management service and its identity API, successfully grew to the point of getting acquired by Okta in 2017. Alex Salazar (Okta) and Randall Degges (Okta) were part of that journey.

They will share how Randall's particularly developer-advocate perspective led to major shifts in their product direction and business model. Randall identified a specific developer need, created an open source solution, and thought on his feet to find some early users quite literally overnight! Alex and his team were able to recognize Randall's value, rethink the company's strategy, and lobby for it on an executive level.

They will share their amazing story as well as how their experience influenced the way that they strategize DX, community outreach, and marketing, as well as how they approach issues such as empathy.


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