Sam Machin speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Sam Machin

Developer Advocate | Nexmo

Sam Machin

Sam is coming up on his 20th year in technology. In that time he has worked for large and small organizations and has spent a lot of it working around the areas of APIs and platforms.

He has been involved in developer communities on both sides of the DevRel booth table, as an Advocate and also as a hacker, having been reasonably successful in some large hackathons. Although he has always had a technical bias, he is also fascinated by the business models and understanding of what makes a sustainable product. He’s seen many large companies jump on the API bandwagon only to fall off again when they discover that they’ve misjudged the approach.


Developers: customer or partner?

Not all companies' API business models are the same. For many companies, the API is THE product (Twilio, Pusher, Nexmo, etc). However, there are an equally large number of companies where the API supports the product but doesn’t directly produce revenue (Amazon Alexa, Slack, Apple).

This talk will show you how the difference impacts your developer relations and developer experience approaches. In it, Sam will take a look at the AAARRRP approach created by Phil Leggetter and how that differs for companies where the API delivers revenue directly and for those where it does not.


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