Shayne Parmelee speaking at DevXcon: 2018

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Shayne Parmelee

Developer Experience Lead | Shopify

Shayne Parmelee

Shayne leads the Developer Experience team at e-commerce company Shopify. He provides technical resources and facilitates support to enable third party app developers to build confidently and efficiently on the platform.

Community building, documentation, active support, and acting as the connective tissue between product and the community are all within his wheelhouse. Shayne spends most of his snowy weekends on the ski hill, and the sunny ones in a canoe. He is based in Ottawa, Canada.


API go-to-market

All platforms are built on trust. If you have a quickly growing platform, protecting the trust of platform developers and product users can be difficult especially when new features overlap with the core business of third-party developers. Building the right APIs associated with new features can help developers from getting crushed by the 'feature steamroller'. Then, monitoring APIs post-launch helps to understand the success of the product.

When bringing an API to market, you can build this trust in your platform by making sure that your product team is working in tandem with your DevRel and/or Developer Experience teams. To launch the best developer products, this type of internal partnership is a must so that both teams can work together on the technical design of the APIs, internal testing and feedback, all the way to post-launch user response, observation, and improvements. The result is a triple win for customers, developers, and company.


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